Por un lado La Mancha y Zaragoza

Let´s visit the inside of Spain, “La Mancha”. Its landscape is the scene of the adventures of Don Quixote and we will probably see mills and giants. You will visit nature reserves and heritage cities like Cuenca´s hanging houses, the “Alcazar” or “The Basílica del Pilar”.

The same as the rest of Spain, this region has its own gastronomy, like Toledo´s “Mazapán” ( a kind of sweet ) or Valdepeñas´ wine.

Por otro lado Castilla y Leon y Extremadura

It has eight World Heritage sites by UNESCO. The “camino de Santiago” ( road to Santiago ), Burgos´ Cathedral, the city of Ávila, Salamanca, Segovia, etc. It has more than 300 castles, almost 400 museums, 23,000 archeology sites, hundreds of cultural events that have an international touristic interest, like the easter or “ La Semana Santa “, one of the most important religious events and also the most popular.

Enogastronomy. It has one of the most appreciated and complete cuisine of Spain, thanks to its high quality food like meats, the cured sausages and cold cuts or its wines like “Ribera del Duero”.

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