We think each person is unique and that´s why we have made different holiday packages to suit your interests and hobbies. Our thematic Holidays:

Cultural pack

We´ll know the most relevant places of every destination. You´ll visit the architecture of cities and towns like “the Milà house” in Barcelona. You´ll also visit churches and cathedrals like “Sagrada Familia” or “Santiago´s Cathedral”. You´ll know parks and museums like “Guggenheim”, Greek and Roman ruins and of course, monuments like “Cibeles” or “Colón”.

Adventure pack

You will live different experiences with this pack, like flying in aerostatic balloon or helicopter, parachute jumping on the costa Brava, diving, sail on a yacht along the coast, trekking on the road to Santiago or Horse riding in natural parks.
Tell us what is your passion!

Sun and beach pack

If you prefer to relax on the beach and sunbathe we are in the right place. Spain has more day hours than any other European country and Its coast has more than 7,900 km between peninsula and Canary and Balearic´s archipelagos.

Shopping pack

Perfect destiny for the urban tourist that prioritizes take a quietly walk while visiting prestigious shops and boutiques, such as the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, the “Roca” or the “Rozas” Village, Madrid´s “Golden Mile” , Andorra la Vella, Puerto Banús at Costa del Sol. If you love shopping at the best places enjoying the Spanish sunny weather, ask for the packages he have created for you.

Gastronomic pack

Spain is perfect to enjoy its gastronomy. Atlantic seafood, traditional mountain and inland dishes, Mediterranean diet, world famous restaurants, innovative chefs, selected vineyards, wine cellars…Try the authentic Paella in Valencia, the seafood from Galicia, the roasted meat from Castilla, the original cheeses from La Mancha, La Rioja´s wines, etc. The list can be endless. A delight for the senses!