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We are aware that there may be a need to come to our country for medical, health or aesthetic reasons. That is why we have created our own department in our company dedicated to health tourism, which can advise and assist you in any aspect of your visit. We take care of the entire process, locating the appropriate center or amy detalto fully meet your expectation. Taking into account the importance of medical information, we provide the service of a professional translator and interpreter in all your medical appointments.

Following the line of an extraordinary service in order that our patients can have a relaxed and quiet stay, we offer the accommodation service, both in apartments with all the amenities or in hotels that respond to all the needs that the client may require. We do not neglect any details. To make the transfer experience more comfortable, we offer our own chauffeur service that will take care of transportation from the clinic to your place of stay and vice versa.


In search of the most advanced medicine

Health tourism is the process involved in traveling abroad for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. It responds to the fact of not being able to find a suitable specialist in the country of origin to treat the patient’s condition, or not having a specialist qualified enough to be able to deal with the complexity of the case.

The term tourism is used because users and their companions take advantage of the visit to be able to carry out traditional tourist activities such as visits throughout our geography.

The health tourism sector has been increasing as a result of factors such as: the increase in knowledge of medical practitioners and the recognition granted to Spanish health institutions.

One of the fundamental barriers with which health tourism was found in the past was the perception of inferior quality in the medical services offered. Today, this barrier has been removed, because health institutions, their professionals and treatments have the highest quality recognition from international institutions, such as the Joint Commission International or the Generalitat of Catalonia.


The most innovative treatments

Barcelona has attracted patients for decades thanks to its medical and technological innovations. From Golden Health we can advise our clients to visit Barcelona for medical treatment in any of the following fields:

  • Assisted reproduction
  • Cardiology and transplants
  • Facial and reconstructive surgery
  • Fetal medicine
  • Hematology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gynecology
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Oncology
  • Obstetrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Aesthetic surgeries
  • Dietary specialists


Why come to Barcelona?

Cutting-edge technology and luxurious atmosphere in one place

Every year about 20,000 travelers arrive to Barcelona with the purpose of receiving medical treatment due to the recognition earned by our clinics, granted by the World Health Organization, which places Spain in the top 10 of the list.

Spain has a life expectancy of 82 years, which makes it one of the longest-lived countries in the world. Its Mediterranean diet is a factor that influences its longevity, and this standard for health care explains why tourists choose Barcelona as a destination for their medical treatments.

Barcelona hosts a large number of world-renowned medical institutions that have the best professionals, the best equipment and the most advanced centers to offer a high quality service.

Patients are guaranteed a completely personalized service of high quality throughout their treatment. The climate and the mild temperature of the city contribute to the rapid improvement of the patient.

Our health network with the most prestigious centers



Is the leading provider of health services in Spain with more than 60 years of experience. They offer professional care in more than 70 medical centers throughout the country. They are the only private research institute accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Due to its more than 1500 research projects throughout Spain, it performs an important scientific work that is opening important lines of scientific research.


Founded in 1941, this private center is dedicated to research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of eye diseases. They have a team of more than 30 highly qualified specialists in different eye specialties. Each year they carry out more than 100,000 consultations, 9,000 procedures and 5,000 laser treatments.


This center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann, after he suffered a car accident that left him quadriplegic. After receiving treatment in England, he returned to Barcelona, where he promoted the creation of the first hospital in Spain dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries, being today specialists in medical and surgical treatment and specialized rehabilitation for patients with damage to spinal cord, brain damage or other neurological ailments. In short, this institute worldwide recognized by JCI, has the purpose of building a center of 17,000 square meters.

Clinic Bascoy was born in the heart of Barcelona as a clinic of aesthetic medicine of high standing, by the hand of Dr. Luciano Bascoy who leads a team of specialists in dermatology, aesthetic medicine-surgery, plastic surgery.
The commitment of our clinic is to offer the most clinically advanced treatments, making available to the patients the best professionals and the latest technological equipment, in facilities located in one of the most emblematic business and commercial activity points of Barcelona.


Coolcenter is a non-invasive treatment center for localized fat that uses technologies that permanently and permanently destroy fat cells.

The Coolcenter was born from the experience of two doctors with more than 10 years of experience in body aesthetics – the aesthetic doctor Luciano Bascoy and the dermatologist Jardis Volpe.

The Coolcenter differential is the result achieved definitively in the body contour, using a combination of effective treatments without the need for multiple sessions.


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