We are sure that you are as concerned as we are about the security measures that we must all take to mitigate the Coronavirus and once again enjoy the long-awaited “new normal”

From Golden Group we want to help you and offer you a list of preventive measures that we have been implementing in our services since the state of alarm came into force in Spain.


We want to make all our transfers safer by preventive measures to contain COVID 19 expansion. That is why we present you a list with all the measures we have prepared in all our vehicles, also you may use them for your own vehicle, this way you can book our comfortable transport services without any danger on your next journey in Barcelona.


Homologated masks

The mask has become into an important element in our daily life. Its use is mandatory for many activities we carry out in our lives and Golden wants to encourage you to use it as much as possible. That is why all our drivers have a mask on all their driveways for the complete safety of our customers, also to protect the health of our drivers.

Hydroalcoholic Gel

This product is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to easily remove the virus from our hands. If you are going to use your vehicle, it is highly recommendable to use it before start driving since the virus could be in your hands and, by driving, contaminate all the controls of the car. In the same way, throughout the Golden Wheels fleet, we have it for the use of our customers so, once they get in the vehicle, they can easily clean their hands.

Disinfecting Wipes

As important as the disinfection of our hands is that of our day-to-day accessories and complements: the mobile phone, the keys, the sunglasses or even the rings can be a focus of infection where the virus can be found. That is why it is highly recommended to periodically disinfect all these utensils with disinfecting wipes to avoid that the COVID 19 passes from them to us. All our clients will have a couple of individual packages of disinfecting wipes for use in daily use accessories.

Surfaces cleaning

An inexpensive solution to keeping the vehicle clean is cleaning all surfaces. In the market, there are different brands among them the best known may be “Sanytol” which although it is true that its use did not initially extend to the upholstery of our vehicles, it is very effective in sanitizing all surfaces of a vehicle where the coronavirus. At Golden we want to let our clients know that cleaning our cars with this type of product is something that we have always been doing continuously throughout our fleet.

Disinfection With Ozone

Among the most far-reaching prevention measures is ozone disinfection of the vehicle. There are multiple companies or specialized workshops that for several weeks have been offering this service to individuals to disinfect their vehicles 100% effectively. At Golden we want to reach every corner where the virus can be found and for this reason, we wanted to implement the ozone disinfection of the vehicles before and after each service.

We hope that, like us, you can put into practice the preventive measures that are in your hands so that once and for all you can end this virus and return to the long-awaited normality.